Fragments of My Subtle, Sudden and Abnormal Madness.

In this collective piece of work, the artist Wilhelm Vincent puts the finishing chapter onto a segment of his life and of his work. In this collective he breaks away from an older style, one that he is proud of, one that he is grateful for, but one that he now feels he needs to move on from.

All artists follow creative routes that excite, intrigue, and then pass away, either through disuse or disillusionment. These moments come, and they are often moments in the road. Wilhelm has decided to mark that moment through this collection of work.

Using archaic Afrikaans terminology, the artist evokes the magic of language, the magic of sounds, sounds that are universal, sounds that we all can empathise with on unknown levels – because it is magic.

To make sense of the written words on each piece of artwork, Wilhelm has deliberately reduced the size of the work. On the one hand, the viewer is naturally drawn into each piece in order to read the word. But also, the artist has made a deliberate jump from his better known larger scaled work to this much more intimate affair, which of course reiterates the changes that are taking place in the creative and perceptual understanding of the artist.

This collection was showcased at Resistance Gallery in London, as well as a private show in Warsaw, Poland. The entire series is also in a private collection.


Brokstuk (Fragments)
Plotseling (Subtle)
Skerpsinnig (Sudden)
Mismaakte (Abnormal)
Kranksinnigheid (Madness)