(HIVideo, Balaclava.Q 2016)

From the contrast of the pearls of self-decoration and demonic fellatio while courting death, it bears a striking similarity to the work of Robert Mapplethorpe. An ineffable existentialism of abstract multi-dimensionalism, it is a heavily poetic struggle of decay and rapturous imaging.

A poignant visual narrative exploring the tensions between entrapment and release, it advances the dialog of societal stigma versus the journey of HIV infection and numerous infractions on the male queer body.

Featuring music by Charles East and poetry of Arthur Rimbaud, it is an authentic fierceness of both the decadence of wool and satin and its dangers of excess; to both of onlooker and the inflicted. – Georick Veltman

“It’s too late”

A Performance in collaboration with Bloch by Wilhelm Vincent in Oudtshoorn, South Africa during the KKNK 2017 at ArtKaroo.
The performance is a vigil and protest against gay concentration camps in Chechnya.

“Remains” (or Perlitatio)

A performance dedicated to the victims of the Garden Route fires during the Plett Arts Festival, 2017. Part of the exhibition, Temples.

“Kiem” in collaboration with Rossetta Woolf.

(HIVideo, Balaclava.Q 2017)